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I'm Alexander Miles and I’ve been designing furniture and domestic products for 25 years, and I had no intention or plans to design a revolutionary new pillow.

My daughter Georgia who had just finished University, was, as a pedestrian, run over by a car. As a parent I had the nightmare early hours phone call. My daughter had been flown by helicopter to the Hospital and was lying in a coma in intensive care.

Gx Pillows

Necessity, the mother of invention and an overwhelming desire to make life a little more comfortable for my amazing daughter - The Gx brand is so much more than a pillow...

To cut a long and horrific story short; she survived, and after many operations she came home. Due to the discomfort she was in she often complained about her pillows, and having exhausted the purchase of every pillow known to man, to no avail, I thought, "I am a product designer, what is going on with all these pillows?"

I took every pillow apart and investigated what makes a pillow comfortable. What creates the comfort for a good night’s sleep? The resulting investigation along with necessity being the mother of invention, involved me observing how traditional pillows filled with hollow fibre, feather and down or foam all spread out and flattened during the night, with a head at rest on them.

Also how without really knowing it, people wake up briefly in the night, re-shift the pillow into a comfortable position and go back to sleep. This can happen a number of times throughout the night giving a disturbed sleep pattern, as all traditional pillows suffer from a settlement of the filling when in use through the night.

So with design process in mind, I came up with a new internal design for a pillow, that held the pillow in place, and pulls in and up into the head and neck, to provide that extra comfort and support my daughter was looking for.

Success… my daughter was sleeping and resting beautifully, then family and friends all wanted my new pillow, and before I knew it, I was now in the pillow business. Every time I had a batch of pillows made, they sold out.